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Murder Mysteries

Odd Socks Murder mysteries are perfect For both private and public audiences, we provide a bespoke format and plot to suit your needs. Be it a Hollywood extravaganza, a school reunion or a 1930’s/40’s Agatha Christie style evening, Odd Socks will provide expert entertainment with an experienced team.

Watch as one of our amusing and original plots unfold, mystery and intrigue are the centre of the night in a fun and light hearted way. 

Typically with 5 to 6 actors, each an eccentric and suspicious suspect, the event progresses with them mingling with the audience until the murder occurs. Through the guests cunning and investigative skill it is up to them to debunk the mystery and figure out who is the cold blooded killer. Split into different teams, the guests will have a chance to accuse one of our suspects, explaining why they think it was them. Our resident policeman will reveal all at the end of the evening and any team who solved the crime wins a prize (something we can discuss between ourselves and the venue prior to the event). The actors remain in character throughout the evening, providing a live and interactive performance.

We travel all over the UK to provide our professional events with experienced and talented performers. Our company director has over 15 years acting, singing and performing experience so we guarantee you are in the best hands!

Murder Mysteries are perfect for a variety of difference occasions; hotel event evenings, large corporate gatherings, team building, small family events, hen/stag parties and dinner events.

Prices start from £600 for an entire evening of entertainment. 

Please contact us for a personalised quote for your event! Discounts are available to any venue/client booking several events.

For larger events and clients we advise the evening be marketed and sold as a meal and entertainment evening – the actors will remain in character and mingle with the guests during the meal. The event will end with a disco provided by us.

For smaller parties we require a venue to be sourced by the host. 

Contact us today to discuss your event using our contact form or call us on 07414 861 245.

"I loved all of it! Each character that turned up to the table was engaging. The evening flowed so well. It kept me guessing until the end. When the Murderer was revealed Wow! Just brilliant"

Liverpool Cricket Club